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Easy, Fast & Reliable
Dedicated Server

Why Dynamic D

Is your website suffering from the inability to handle tons of traffic? Don’t worry. Take a break and let Dynamic D handle your website traffic. Dynamic D is a dedicated cloud server. As a dedicated server, you will get all the features of it along with scalable features, easy setup and maintenance, anytime upgrade, etc. Moreover, the best feature of Dynamic D is, it is budget-friendly. Pay for the amount of resources needed for your website.

Give your workload the best resources

Let’s choose the most suitable package for your website

The most basic Dynamic D – a burstable portion of virtual CPU with a configurable amount of memory. This budget-friendly package is most suitable for the applications with lower traffic like a blog site, CMS, small business, discussion forum, micro services, etc.

1 GB1 vCPU1 TB25 GB$10 USD/MoGet Started
2 GB1 vCPU2 TB50 GB$15 USD/MoGet Started
3 GB1 vCPU3 TB60 GB$20 USD/MoGet Started
2 GB2 vCPUs3 TB60 GB$20 USD/MoGet Started
1 GB3 vCPUs3 TB60 GB$20 USD/MoGet Started
4 GB2 vCPUs4 TB80 GB$25 USD/MoGet Started
8 GB4 vCPUs5 TB160 GB$50 USD/MoGet Started
16 GB6 vCPUs6 TB320 GB$100 USD/MoGet Started
32 GB8 vCPUs7 TB640 GB$190 USD/MoGet Started
48 GB12 vCPUs8 TB960 GB$285 USD/MoGet Started
64 GB16 vCPUs9 TB1280 GB$380 USD/MoGet Started
96 GB20 vCPUs10 TB1920 GB$580 USD/MoGet Started
128 GB24 vCPUs11 TB2560 GB$780 USD/MoGet Started
192 GB32 vCPUs12 TB3840 GB$1500 USD/MoGet Started

Features of Dynamic D

Highly Scalable

For a dedicated server, it's easier to choose any package but tough to scale up. Because scaling up a dedicated server is the name of a hassle. But, being a dedicated cloud server, we are providing you scale up access anytime to support your business growth.

Cost Effective

A Dedicated server represents a complete computer. So, you are going to have a computer at only USD 10. Isn’t it cost-effective?

World wide data center

There are six data centers in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, India, and Bangladesh. So it’s easier for you to choose the nearest data center to your location.

Pay for only the used resources

In most of the cases, one has to pay for the full resources of a dedicated server. Because the uplink of a dedicated server is a hassle and one has to set up and configure the server again. But, being a dedicated cloud server you can pay for only the amount of resources you need and can upgrade anytime without any hassle of setting up or configure.

Our Support

Easy installation

Launch a database cluster with just a few clicks and then access it via our simplified UI or an API.


Never worry about maintenance operations or updates. We will handle that for you.

24/7 Support

We offer high value support to all of our customers. Our support is not limited to the web server, but we also provide custom web development and support. We aim to provide the very highest level of services.

Frequently Asked Questions